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Split Systems repairsActive Air Specialists are experts in the installation, repair and maintenance of split system air conditioners, but what exactly is a split system? The most simple way to describe a split heating and cooling system is that part of the system is indoors while the other is outdoors.

This improves efficiency in the heating and cooling, which brings along less expensive energy costs, by housing the less important temperature regulated parts of the system outside, like the condenser and compressor and the more sensitive temperature regulated parts of the system inside.

Inside, the parts of the system which rely on maintaining a temperature are more greatly benefitted by their own work in heating or cooling the interior of the building. Split systems require greater care in both maintenance and installation. The installer should also possess the proper knowledge to ensure that the purpose of a split system is fulfilled, to be as energy efficient as possible and keep your costs low.

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Active Air specializes in servicing, repairing, and maintaining residential and commercial HVAC units. We also install HVAC Equipment in homes, retail and commercial buildings.

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