Air Conditioning Installation Palmdale, CA - Get Your AC Installed Today!

Air Conditioning Installation Palmdale, CA - Get Your AC Installed Today! Looking for air conditioning installation in Palmdale, CA ? Look no further than Active Air offering high-quality air conditioning repair services. Our experienced team of factory-trained technicians have installed thousands of air conditioning systems, both residential and commercial. We have the experience necessary to do your job right the first time. Our service doesn’t end when the system is installed. You’ll have confidence knowing that our service department will always be available to meet your needs with service offered seven days a week.

Air Conditioning Installation Palmdale, CA

Our skilled team will evaluate the needs of your facility, working to find the right solutions for your business. We offer quality installation services for all types of commercial HVAC equipment to ensure your facility will receive the complete benefits of your new commercial HVAC solutions.


We offers quality ac installation in Palmdale & more A/C services including the following:


  • Rooftop Package System
  • Split Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Gas and Electric Unit Heaters
  • 100% Outside Air Systems
  • Ventilation and Exhaust Systems
  • Dehumidifiers
  • VAV and Multi-Zone Systems
  • Fire and Smoke Dampening
  • Analogue and Digital Controls
  • Gas Piping

Call today 888-410-0677 to schedule your estimate for air conditioning installation in Palmdale, CA


More services We serve in Palmdale, CA:

  1. AC Repair in Palmdale CA
  2. AC Replacement in Palmdale CA
  3. Heating Installation & Repair in Palmdale CA

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Active Air specializes in servicing, repairing, and maintaining residential and commercial HVAC units. We also install HVAC Equipment in homes, retail and commercial buildings.



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