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Commercial AC Repairs & Services for Split Systems

ActiveAir Heating & Air Specialists is pleased to offer an extensive selection of split systems and split system components that provide reliable performance to meet the demands of your commercial needs. Our split systems offer the highest efficiency available while reducing energy bills and maximizing comfort.

Most of our customers have heard of a split system but aren’t sure how to integrate it into an application that works best for them. The best way to describe a split system is to imagine your air conditioning or heating system that is split into two sections – one housed outdoors and one housed indoors.

The outdoor unit is comprised of a compressor and condenser and is located outside usually on the ground or roof. The indoor unit, usually located in an interior closet or garage, consists of a fan, indoor cooling coil, furnace, and filter.

The purpose of a split system is for sheer efficiency – both in operation of the climate regulation and maintenance. Your energy performance is similar to a rooftop system with more installation flexibility while still providing reliable operation and easy servicing.

After 10 years of experience, our commercial ac split system specialists are able to identify problems to quickly and efficiently and get your air conditioner or heater running with maximum performance.

For more information on repair, service or installation for your split system, call ActiveAir Heating & Air Specialists today! Our commercial ac split system specialists are ready to help!

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